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Study and career guidance

Questions about study and career guidanceSchool and center for student guidanceMore initiativesFind a schoolExtra information Questions about study and career guidance During your child’s study career, questions sometimes arise about study choice, orientation of the school career, later career choice: Which direction or education would my child follow best?Can it …

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Course content

You learn to transfer your professional knowledge to others in a challenging way.¬†Central theme: how does man influence the earth and vice versa? The training revolves around the question: how do I teach students to understand the space around us? You will ask questions such as: which geographic elements and developments …

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Arithmetic in secondary education

Reference levels for arithmetic were introduced in 2010. The reference levels provide a clear and uniform description for each educational sector of what pupils should be able to know and know about math at different points in their learning career. From the 2013-2014 school year, a math test is part of the …

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How do I become a primary school teacher?

You need a completed HBO education teacher primary education(PABO) to work as a teacher in the entire primary education.¬† Specializations are possible within the study program, for example by age category (young child or older child). However, you must meet all requirements to obtain your diploma. After a pre-university education, you can …

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