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Many people dream of studying in the UK, but not everyone can afford to get an education in this country. The UK is considered one of the most expensive countries to live in. Ekaterina Smirnova paid great attention to the language at the university and went to courses abroad, to summer student camps, where she consolidated the practice of communication and met new people.

We will tell you how to enter a UK university, get a study grant and what to expect from a university.

Ekaterina Smirnova, who received a Chevening scholarship, entered a prestigious British university and got a prestigious job.
Ekaterina Smirnova, who received a Chevening scholarship, entered a prestigious British university and got a cool job

Ekaterina grew up in Kaliningrad. In her senior years at the university, she took an active part in international seminars. The stories of her peers about studying abroad inspired the girl, and she also wanted to get an education in Europe. Katya has set herself the goal of enrolling in a master’s program in the UK.

Admission to the UK

Like any student who wants to study in the UK, Ekaterina had to pass the IELTS international exam in English . The result affects admission, but is not a decisive factor for admission. The main thing is to get the minimum passing score, which is indicated on the university website. 

The girl was preparing for IELTS for about a year in a group with a tutor and at home. In addition to Katya’s options, others are also possible: for example, using Skype lessons with our teacher Anastasia . Nastya prepares students for international exams at the top level, clearly explaining what exactly is required of them in IELTS or TOEFL. 

In addition to IELTS results, the girl had to provide the university with a motivation letter (how to write it correctly, read in the article “Motivation letter for an English university” ), a translation of a diploma with an apostille – confirmation of the legalization of the document through the Ministry of Education – and a letter of recommendation. One such letter to Katya was written by the head of the department at the Kaliningrad State Technical University, the second – by the head from work. Specifically, a portfolio was not required for Katina’s specialty (economics), but some educational institutions ask to include it in the package of mandatory documents. However, if you are too lazy to deal with all the bureaucracy on your own, can help you. Leave a request for consultation on the tower on our website, and specialists with many years of experience will answer all your questions and help you to enter. 

Catherine chose the University of Surrey at Guildford. This small, cozy town is located just 43 km from London and is surrounded by the stunningly beautiful Surrey Hills. The university annually accepts hundreds of foreign students, and now more than 50 students from Russia study there. The university was ranked 4th among universities in the United Kingdom, according to the rating “Guardian University Guide 2017”, and also entered the list of the best universities in the world in 17 subject areas, according to the ranking of universities in the world “QS World University Rankings 2016/17”.

The girl received a scholarship to cover all the costs of studying and living abroad. Chevening Scholarships is a UK government global scholarship program funded by the Foreign Office and partner organizations. The scholarship is most often given for one year to obtain a master’s degree. Anyone who meets the requirements of the Chevening program is invited to participate , for more information, see the official website . Among the participating countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and others.

Scholarship applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher and work experience of at least two years (including internships and volunteering), and they must also have a high level of English. The scholarship covers travel expenses, dissertation grant, visa application costs, program tuition fees, monthly payments. 

Katya did not have any particular difficulties during admission. The answer from the university came pretty quickly: she submitted the documents in February, and by April, when the interview with the Chevening commission was taking place, Katya had several proposals. 

Ekaterina advises all applicants who dream of studying abroad to believe in themselves and in what they are doing.

You need to be a versatile person, not to focus only on studies / work. It is necessary to understand why this study is needed. You must have a goal, you must understand what you will do next with this education.

After receiving the scholarship, Katya had only to get a visa. You shouldn’t be afraid of a terribly complicated British visa. If you strictly follow the instructions, you will not have a refusal.

How studying in the UK differs from studying in Russia

Students who have just arrived in the UK may experience a little culture shock. Katya tried for a long time to get used to right-hand traffic. However, apart from everyday differences, there are also academic differences. You can start preparing for them in advance by reading about the way of life in the destination country or our articles. It will be useful to familiarize yourself with the material “ How to decide to move ”. 

The training system is fundamentally different from the Russian one: a lot of emphasis is placed on independent work . At each lecture, students are given only the minimum that can guarantee them only a satisfactory grade on the exam. Most of the exams are written, not oral. Katya liked that students usually prepared in groups to practice the material they had covered. The exams were graded on a 100-point scale. 

There are many different communities on campus – from sports to theatrical, and in their free time students can choose what they like. You can also combine study with work – the British student visa allows part-time work up to 20 hours a week.

Katya says that learning difficulties did not affect the experience.

It was difficult to study only due to the fact that all classes were not in their native language, and a large amount of material was allocated for independent study. During the training, problems arose with the need to clearly structure the study plan and follow it in order to cover all the material.

Katya plans to continue her studies and receive a CIMA certificate (Certified Management Accountant). The scholarship helped to gain experience of studying and living in another country. The girl improved her skills, realized herself as a specialist and got a cool job at Weir Minerals RFW, the Russian part of The Weir Group Plc.

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