How do I become a primary school teacher?

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You need a completed HBO education teacher primary education(PABO) to work as a teacher in the entire primary education. 

Specializations are possible within the study program, for example by age category (young child or older child). However, you must meet all requirements to obtain your diploma. After a pre-university education, you can also combine the pre-university education with a university education in education or pedagogy.

Becoming a teacher: what should you arrange?

Do you want to know how to become a teacher? Fill in some questions and see what it takes to become a teacher .

HBO training teacher primary education (PABO)

The full-time course at the PABO lasts 4 years. During the 3rd year you will specialize. You can choose for young children from 4 to 8 years old. Or for the age group of 8 to 12 years. In the last year you will follow an even longer internship.

You can also follow the PABO part-time. You then combine the study with learning in educational practice.

On the website Ruimruim voor PO you can see per province which universities of applied sciences offer (academic) PABO .

University teacher training

The academic teacher training primary education (ALPO) takes 4 years. This study is a combination of the university study of educational science or pedagogy and the HBO program of the PABO. For this teacher training you need a VWO diploma or a propaedeutic year from the PABO.

At the Radboud University in Nijmegen you can follow the bachelor’s program Pedagogical Sciences of Primary Education. This full-time course lasts 3 years, after which you are authorized to teach in primary education.

Short teacher training as a lateral entry

You can do teacher training as a lateral student. The condition is that the suitability test shows that you can complete this training in a maximum of 2 years. You also need a completed higher professional education or university education. Or an equivalent diploma.

Do you have a VWO diploma? Then you can qualify for a shortened teacher training of 3 years at a large number of PABOs. You can discuss this with the university of applied sciences where you want to follow the PABO.

More information can be found on the page How can I teach teaching as a newcomer?

Hybrid teacher: teaching next to another job

A relatively new concept is the hybrid teacher. These are people who choose to teach several hours a week in addition to their current profession. The government will make a pact with some organizations to free up staff for part of their time to teach. If you teach as a subject teacher for a maximum of 4 hours a week, you do not need a teaching qualification. However, someone then teaches under the supervision of a teacher with a power. If you want to teach more hours per week, you must obtain an authorization within 2 years. In that period, someone may already teach himself. The school where someone wants to teach can help.

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