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Questions about study and career guidance

During your child’s study career, questions sometimes arise about study choice, orientation of the school career, later career choice:

  • Which direction or education would my child follow best?
  • Can it possibly change direction better?
  • What does a particular course of study entail?
  • Where on the labor market can my son or daughter go with a certain diploma?
  • What training is best for my child to pursue a particular profession?

Where can you find expert advice as a parent?

School and center for student guidance

Your child’s school is the first point of contact. Very often the school can help itself. Or she will refer you to the student counseling center (CLB).

On its own initiative, the CLB informs your child and you, as a parent, about study and career choices at a number of important moments in the school career. But you can also always contact the CLB for personal consultation.

Also take a look at the Education Chooser website of the CLBs with:

  • Extensive information about courses and study programs
  • School seekers
  • Online tests with which your child explores his interest
  • Questionnaires that gauge study motivation and method
  • Information and videos about various professions
  • Materials box with everything that can help children and young people, teachers and parents in the choice of study: brochures, workbooks, self-tests, websites …

More initiatives

  • The Werk voor Durvers website of the Socio-Economic Council of Flanders (SERV) helps students between 11 and 13 years, their teachers and parents with study and career choices.
  • The Professions House offers an interactive exhibition for 11 to 14 year olds on more than 50 professions from 11 sectors.
  • Every school year, the centers for student counseling organize study information days (SID-ins) in all Flemish provinces for the final years of secondary education and their parents (in collaboration with the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training).

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